EB-5 Investment program allows green card concession

Initiative guarantees visa to the foreigner who accomplishes the minimum investment of U$800,000,00 in business that can generate at least 10 new job occupations

Not widely known in Brazil, the investment program EB-5, formatted to individuals, was build in the early 90's by the government of United States. The initiative intends to assure the green card for foreign investors that perform in business with a job creation potential in US. The program guarantees the concession of a green card for the investor who accomplishes the minimum contribution of U$800,000.00 in a business entity with profit purposes in USA, and that also can generate at least 10 new job occupations in areas predetermined by the government.

The investor doesn't have to have any obligations or connections to the business that was generated from the investment. It means that the person doesn't need to work or live nearby the company. There are two types of investment: the individual, when investors have to find an investment project and assume the management supervision paper of it; or thru the EB-5 Regional Center, that focuses on immigration and has less responsibility in the direct management of the project. Around 90% of the Eb-5 candidates invest thru the Regional Center.

Depending on the greatness of the project, the temporally green card is given to the investor, its partner and children under age 21. Within two years, the definitive green card is granted and, at the end of the process, it is possible to regain the amount that was invested at the program. Since its creation, EB-5 has opened up around 150 thousand job occupations in USA, and provided more than 19 thousand green card for foreigners.

Comprehending the difficulties and benefits of living in this country, Drim Properties works with the process of transition of Brazilians who intend to move to USA, mentoring you thru the process to obtain the EB-5 visa, specially because of the crescent search of Brazilians for the green card. In 2014, 30 investors from Brazil conquered the document with the EB-5. In 2011, there were only 11. Every fiscal year, the US Immigration and the Citizen Services reserve 10 thousand visas for EB-5 investors.

The program allows EB-5 investors to live and work in any region of USA, with no specialization, specific professional experiences or holding on waiting lists to gain the green card. Besides, the children of the investors are qualified to pay reduced annuity at universities, with no age limit or restrictions related to idioms.

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