Life cost for those who intend to immigrate to USA

In an everage way, Orlando’s life cost, for those who have a source of income in dollar, make usual bills quite different, when compared with those who have incomes in Brazilian Real. Below, Drim Properties projected for you the costs for an average class family.

Many people affirm that this is not the right moment to invest in Brazil. It’s actually a surprise box, and the dreaming stability only seems possible for the ones that invest in public offices. A culture that is the opposite of the American lifestyle, that stimulates entrepreneurship in work people. The fact is that the move of Brazilian investors towards USA is, today, a reality. And the main factor is life cost.


In March 2015, a research from Forbes ranked the 25 north american cities with highest life cost, based in the average family salary compared with expenses related to realty, expenditure, health, transport and more. Two cities of Florida were shown on the list: West Palm Beach – where the average realty pricing is around U$210,000,00 – and Miami, with properties worth around U$200,000,00. In Orlando, these numbers related to property sector fall for an average of U$180,000,00. And, compared to Brazil, it’s possible to include in this list the cars and electronic devices with more attractive prices, and a lifestyle – the famous “American Way of Life” – that allows much more.

In an everage way, Orlando’s life cost, for those who have a source of income in dollar, make usual bills look quite different, when compared with those who have incomes in Brazilian Real. Speaking about daily spends and using Orlando as a parameter, in Brazil, these prices are much higher with low return. But the life cost in USA depends on where you live. And, only in Orlando, the maintenance of an typical middle class family – two adults and two children – for example, can cost around U$2,000,00 a month.

In the American model, the spends that are part of a family planning are very far away from the Brazilian context because, when a Brazilian family with this profile moves to USA, the average costs are smaller. This is explained by the dollar purchasing power, that is more significant when compared to Real. In monetary units, for example, having U$100,00 in USA means to have a purchasing and negotiation power much higher then R$100,00 in Brazil.

But, before anything, IF you want to live in USA, it’s important to explain that, between going as a tourist and living there, the types of spend are very different. And when a Brazilian intends to move to USA, some actions must be arranged. For that, Drim Properties performs the dream for those who want to move to American soil, being much more than a real estate company. Drim accessorizes the investor that intends to move to Orlando in practically all instances, from opening a local bank account and legal assistance, to accomplishing the wish of the client to buy a property in the best locations. So Drim turns your dream to live in USA a reality. Bellow, we’ll show you some cost examples if you’re decided or thinking about living in America and need some guidance about their life pattern.

Living – Initially, if you decide to rent a property to live, you’ll have to prove an income three times equal to the net value of the rent, pay the first and last months in advance and make a bail deposit of the rent value. It means you must pay three months ahead on the first month. But as a parameter, we’ll use the property buying price that is more in count and more attractive regarding Miami, for example, whether it is to live or invest as a vacation property. In resume, a 140m² apartment in Orlando can cost around U$200,000,00 (around R$600,000,00). Compared to Brazil, just so you know, in Leblon – south zone of Rio de Janeiro, considered the most expensive quarter meter in the country – an apartment with the same standard can cost up to R$1,2 million. 

To maintain a vacation house, for example, the average cost depends on the size and location. Let’s use as an example the monthly prices of a owner of a 5 bedroom house in Davenport in Watersong condo, with the property evaluated in U$350,000,00. In this case, the property tax would be around U$350,00. The condo costs around U$250,00; water and lighting costs, U$300,00. Besides that, the budget for this kind of property includes other expenses such as pool cleaning (U$95,00), phone, internet and cable (U$130,00), property insurance (U$120,00), management (U$150,00) and others.

Adding it all, a house this size would have an average monthly cost of U$1,390,00. In case the owner decides to rent for a diary costing U$300,00, during 10 days, he will have a positive balance of U$855,00 a month. It means it’s a great investment, not to mention the property appreciation, but also to have fun with the family or have profits with renting.

Taxes – In Florida, the taxes charged by the state are relatively low, compared to the great urban centers, like New York and California. The sale taxes in Orlando are also smaller. In Florida, the tax is of 6.62%, while in New York, for example, it can get to 8,5%. In the state of Florida, no taxes are charged over groceries bought in supermarkets. On the other hand, eating outside includes extras taxes like tips. 

We listed for you a merely illustrative example of the main monthly expenses of a person that lives in USA, considering Florida’s minimum wage of U$1,395,68, for workers with a 44 weekly hours journey: water (U$50,00), energy (U$150,00), cable/internet/telephone (U$165,00), gardening services (U$50,00), cell phone (U$90,00), car insurance (U$100,00), fuel (U$70,00), health insurance (around U$400,00 and U$700,00), motor vehicle property tax (U$60,00 a year, paid in one quota), groceries (around U$500,00 and 1,000,00), in a total of U$1,635,00. It means that with an average of two to three north American minimum wages, it’s possible to do much more and have a higher purchasing power than those who win the correspondent values in Brazil.

P.s.: We must highlight that this monthly estimative is part of a projection for a family with four people with middle class habits, with children registered in public schools. It’s important to phrase that the life pattern of a family in USA depends a lot on the local, the size of the house, the family and many other factors, like lifestyle and entertainment options.

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