Lake Nona: one of the Best regions to live and invest in Orlando

Known as “A New Chapter in the History of Orlando City”, this region stands out for its life quality, tranquility and exclent educational system.

Lake Nona region, in Florida, is considered by many of its habitants as one of the best place in Orange Count. Only 10 minutes away from Orlando International Airport (MCO), it’s surrounded by a famous infra structure formed by the main hospitals in the USA (known as Medical City – the ideal destination to medical conventions), and has become an important economical center in full development, just a few miles away from the touristic axis that involves Orlando and Kissimmee.

With a population that has exceeded the mark of 6 thousand habitants, especially after the conclusion of a whole amount of works in Medical City, which leveraged the economy at the region, Lake Nona is one of the most valuable regions of Major Orlando, and with higher potential for investments in properties. It’s important to highlight that around 50% of the people who live in there are realties’ owners, which meas that this is a very occupied area, with low potential to vacation renting, since it’s not allowed to have short term rentals.

At Village Walk residence, for example, there’s a variation of townhomes – with two or three floors – for renting and sale. They are a low cost kind of property, lacking some privileges, but with a great location as infra structure. A type of investment that is worth the analysis for those who are thinking about moving to Orlando.

The entertainment structure of most condos are formed by heated pools, complete gyms, sports caters, modern clubhouses, convenience stores, assembly rooms, playgrounds and even some of them have a gas station. Moreover, most houses have views for beautiful lakes.

Regarding their educational system, Lake Nona hás one of the Best school systems in all Florida, especially the elementary and middle schools, with feature to Lake Nona High School, Lake Nona Middle School e a NorthLake Park Community School. From kindergarten to high school, students are trained in a collaborative learning environment that promotes interactions with researchers, medics, professors and companies of the region.

When it comes to criminality, Lake Nona has good levels of security, when compared o other areas in Orlando, offering a greater feeling of tranquility to the habitants, transforming this region in one of the best options to live in the city.

It means that living in Lake Nona is living in a place that allows a better contact with the North American culture, which demands a good domain of the English language. More than that is close to the best beaches and most famous parks and entertainment centers the region offers. It’s not by random this place is treated as “A New Chapter in the History of Orlando City”.

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